Social Justice

What is Social Justice, and Why is it Important?

Social justice is the seeking of equality among society as a whole group of people. It is a recognition of what we are: human. We are all people, and there should be no room whatsoever for hatred and racism. In this country, we have come too far, but we keep taking three steps back and one step forward. If we do not bring about social justice into this country, we are destined for doom. Hate only feeds hate, and it spreads like wildfire. The only way we can pour water on the flames, so to speak, is to come together and make social justice a way of life for every man, woman, and child. It takes love to combat hate, effort to override ignorance, and action to overcome denial. The choice is ours to make, and we better make it soon for it to take root.

Along with changing society, we have always said the key to unlocking that door is through education. Black authors are doing their parts to help open people's eyes to the seriousness of this disease of racism. It is a plague, and it spreads faster than COVID-19. There would not be as much fear, and we all could get along and understand each other. Since so many people love to read books, and many are now on audio, Black authors paint the picture and spell it out for America to wake up and work to solve the problem.

Social justice is more than just nice words, it’s a fight for survival. People from all walks of life are coming together to lift each other up and work to restore the inequities in our society.

Let’s join this rising tide.