Racism In America

Is There an End to Racism in America?

Racism in America has been a problem since the earliest days of our country. My latest book, "Will I Always Be A ______ In America? A Black Man's Reflections On Living In America" looks at how this tragic history informs life in our current moment. It is a call to act for Americans. Understanding racism starts with listening to people of color voices. That is why I decided to write this book and help people see racism as it is lived and experienced by people of color, especially Black men. Ending the hatred of racism starts with understanding the lives lived by the people in your community.

My name is John Reaves, and I hope that my story of life in America as a Black man connects with you. The struggle against racism is one of the oldest fights in American history. From the work of abolitionists like John Brown, through the Civil War, to our contemporary political moment, the fight to end racism has defined our nation. It’s important that we keep Black experience and Black voices centered in this history of struggle.

My book adds my voice to this struggle. Telling my story is how I will help end racism.

It has to end with our generation, not the next one.