People Of Color

What People of Color Go Through

People of color have always struggled against oppression. Whether it’s 2020 or 1960, the fight against racism goes on. The same hatred exists even if the signs above the drinking fountain have changed. We don't need to see the signs hanging on the walls and doors because people of color are still separated in the eyes of a racist system. Reaching across the racial divide that separates our country starts with understanding. My book is a window into the life lived by a Black American man. I have my story to tell. It’s one of struggle and hope, of a possible future where our country begins the long and complex work of healing.

Living in America as a Black man is living a life defined by hazards that people of other races don’t always experience. From Emmitt Till to George Floyd, the threat of violence just for being Black is never far from our minds. Even while the news media pushes these stories out of the light or demonizes Black men, we still live through this experience. We all want the goodness in mens’ hearts to prevail and for racism to end, but how can we start that process of healing without understanding?

You can’t know how another person feels unless you live it. Let my book be your window into another’s life.