Creative Authors

How Creative Authors Can Make People See What We are Saying

Creative authors have a way to tell a story in a different light. I chose to do it by looking at the situation through my experience as a Black man in today’s America.

My book is here to help us to visualize the outcome of a better situation. That is what creative authors help readers do. People say it is all in "the eyes of the beholder." However, what we see isn’t always that clear. If my work as one of today’s new emerging authors can help people see the issue of racism more clearly, then I will have helped some small part of the world be that much better. If people can dream about it and see it, then it can become a reality. That is where the talent comes in from being a creative author. Books can change the course of the world too.

New emerging authors are popping up all over Amazon, book stores, and other websites and locations where books are sold. More and more we are seeing people find the strength to speak out against racism. New emerging authors have the best sellers on the market because of the passion they feel. If they feel it, they write it, and the person who reads it senses what the author is saying in the book.

I’m adding my voice to these new emerging authors who are taking a stand. When our voices join together, we build the power we need to change the world. My book explores a unique life and a fresh perspective on racism in contemporary America. Pick up a copy today and see what the conversation is all about.