Book Author

Joining The New Book Authors Who Are Speaking Out Against Racism

As a book author, I am in the unique position of being able to tell my story of a life lived as a Black man in today’s America. It can be hard to grapple with what you see on the news. Can it really be all that bad? It is almost like history repeats itself and brings us backward instead of forward. As a book author, I want to do my part to raise awareness.

I want to make it clear. By hearing the story of my life and reading my voice, you are bridging a gap and, in some small way, beginning to erode the edifice of racism.

We have been living in inequality for far too long. Each story about racism is different, but the problem is the same. When you hear someone speak their truth about life in a racist society, you are getting a window into a person’s life. I may not have lived the life you expect, but I experience the realities of our society all the same. When you turn through the pages of my story, you’ll be getting a first hand account of my life and my vision for a better world.

There is a rising chorus of new book authors who are speaking out against racism more than ever. I hope to add my voice to this song so that some understanding can be achieved, no matter how small. When you read my words on the page, you are going to be experiencing the history of my life. Each moment poured into those pages in a way that strives to connect reader, author, and moments.

The new book authors that are reshaping the American dialogue around racism are doing it with their voices. You’ll find my heart written into each and every page of my story. As a new author, I’m proud to be able to stand up and make sure my voice is heard.

We are sitting down for a challenging conversation about race, this country, and our lives. My book will give you insight into this conversation.